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Perfection, preserved


Tailor made

We know you want to keep your McLaren as pristine as the day you bought it. Which is why we offer a choice of Care & Protection options. We’ve thought of everything from tyre cradles to car covers – all designed to keep your car protected from top to bottom.

McLaren Car Covers

Tyre Cradles

While you’ll no doubt want to spend as much time as possible driving your McLaren, there will inevitably be periods when it’s parked. For those times, these Tyre Cradles help protect your tyres from flat spotting – otherwise known as ovalisation. It means your McLaren is kept perfectly ready-to-drive at all times.

Model availability: 540C / 570S Coupé / 570S Spider / 570GT

Skid Plates

Protect the front underside of your Sports Series with McLaren Skid Plates. Engineered to fit precisely on both the standard and carbon fibre front bumper and splitter – they attach discreetly to leave the visual presence of your car unchanged. And because the fit is so tailored, they won’t have any impact on the aerodynamic performance of your McLaren under normal driving conditions. So all your car’s thrills are kept fully intact.

Model availability: 570S Coupé / 570S Spider / 570GT

Battery Conditioner

The battery of your McLaren is a hidden but vital component. This Battery Conditioner does exactly what the name suggests. It keeps your battery in top condition – maximising both its performance and lifespan so you can just get out there and drive.

Model availability: 540C / 570S Coupé / 570S Spider / 570GT

Luggage Compartment Mat

Each element of your McLaren has been carefully designed, engineered and finished to perfection. So you’ll want to make sure every millimetre stays that way – even down to the luggage compartment. With our Luggage Compartment Mat, you can enjoy stylish protection for this important – if unsung – part of your car.

Model availability: 540C / 570S Coupé / 570S Spider / 570GT

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